is a Cairo-based Production House serving the MENA region, aspiring to serve the globe with its production..

Egyptian Arts Group is a joint venture established between Switch & Core Production; with a combined experience in all media production fields; poised to deliver high quality mega entertainment production by taking a fresh approach to the market bringing unique TV & Film production to its audience through picking talents to present, topics to discuss and by utilizing its team’s long experience.

Our Objectives
Egyptian Arts Group targets to only produce large-scale projects for the MENA region as it sees that it’s the main competitive edge over our competition.
We seek to produce history related projects objectively discussing the moderate Arab World point of view regarding controversial topics starting from its roots and offer it to the whole world to act as bridge between different cultures and bring a moderate non biased vision about current conflicts.
t’s our long-term plan to produce various multilingual projects to be achieved by the work of talents, stars and crew from all over the globe. A callobrative work by the arab as well as western countries.
Our Mission
“Egyptian Arts Group targets to become one of the leading entities in the media production field. Through creativity, hard work and clear vision we’re to accomplish the stated positioning.”
Our Vision
“We at Egyptian Arts Group have passion for media production. To us it’s not just another project to accomplish. We enjoy every step of the production process with a clear vision and firm commitment to deliver different offerings catered to our audience’s exquisite taste.”